Jennie Blair

My name is Jennie Blair. I was born and raised in New Hampshire, where I attended Plymouth State College from 1996-2000, graduating with a BFA in Studio Arts/Ceramics. My work is cone 10 gas reduction, and woodfired stoneware. I currently work as a studio potter in New Hampshire creating functional ceramics and teaching pottery classes in a community studio at the League of NH Craftsmen shop.

Along with the many facets that shape an individual, clay has been one that I have been able to rely on to express myself, and since 1998 have found myself immersed in it. My journey in clay began in high school, and became fully focused in college. After graduating with a BFA and working for five different studio potters for over 15 years my own style emerged utilizing the resources and experiences that have followed me.

Three important things that I incorporate into my pots are texture, energy and balance. I work with the glazes to enhance the surface of each piece and while still embracing the function of a pot. It is important that each one tells its own story and feels right to the person using it.

Clay has had the ability to not only ground me but also allow me to be totally free. My wish is to create pottery that is functional and pleasing to sight and touch. An earthy and unique feeling in each one makes for a comfortable piece to hold as you enjoy the goodness it contains.


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