Martha Koons

Martha Koons, a retired art teacher of 37 years, earned her MS in Art Education
from Southern Connecticut University. She is currently working in various painting
media, jewelry, and photography and teaching workshops. She has had her work
displayed in several shows in Connecticut and New Hampshire.
Martha grew up in Connecticut where she taught art, conducted workshops in
several media and was on the Connecticut State Art Teachers’ Association Board.
She now resides in Mirror Lake, NH.

I have a passion for creating and a need explore many media with an emphasis on
The beauty of the natural world is my subject matter. I am drawn to its patterns,
which I express in painting as well as detailed tiny beaded jewelry and yarn coiled
Photography is an integral part of my creative process as well as a finished art
form. I am constantly capturing images that inspire my work. Using limited
manipulation of the original photo, I create finished photographs that allow the
natural forms to shine through.
It is imperative for me to make people aware of the vital importance of the arts
and need for creativity in our world. I do this through my artwork, teaching classes
and participating in organizations like the Governor Wentworth Arts Council and

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