Mary Dunn Chase

Mary Dunn Chase is a self-taught fiber artist. She was born in Rhode Island, but has spent the last 40 years in Tamworth. Although she has created hand-sewn and needlework items for her family for years, this is the first time she has presented her work to the public. Her work consists of quilts, afghans and totes. She tries to create things that are a little different and is learning to incorporate signature features.
Artist’s Statement:
I consider each piece a personal gift to whoever receives it. I take my inspiration from nature and simple living. I have an “old soul” and often say that I was born in the wrong century. I live in a log cabin, cooking on a wood stove and loving the life New Hampshire has provided. Working full time in the Optometric field leaves me little time to create, but that time creating is when I am the happiest. I like to include in my newer works details like: my grandmother’s antique buttons or maybe a special stitch, just to leave a little love in the piece so you know it was mine.

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