Theodora Page

Ornamental Hand-Painted Furniture

A master colorist who splits her time between Southern California and New Hampshire, Theo Page’s designs are inspired by the vibrant colors, intense light and shadows, and geometric patterns of West Africa, where she spent two years in the Peace Corps. She subsequently travelled in North Africa, the Far East, and Central and South America, where she admired and absorbed the rich folk-art traditions and abstract patterns that inform her work.

Page has transformed salvaged furniture into unique works of usable art by painting them with bright colors and abstract patterns.  She uses acrylic paint and a tough polyurethane finish to create pieces that are both whimsical and durable.

She has taught her unique style of painting in the New England area for over 30 years, including at RISD-CE and the New England Craft Program at Snow Farm. Her work has been shown in museum and gallery exhibits and featured in various publications.  Motivated by a desire to instill elegance and play into forgotten pieces of furniture, Page’s work has brought color and design into multiple living spaces throughout the country.

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