Chris Pugh

Chris Pugh
Chris Pugh is a wood artisan living and working in Wonalancet, New Hampshire. His early training included a two-year residency in fine woodworking and guitar making at Peter’s Valley School of Craft. From there, he continued to Vermont, working on diverse projects, large and small, including a pair of teak entrance gates for Billy Joel.
For 24 years, his home has been at a little paradise called Tilton Pond. It’s from his tiny shop beside the pond that his collection of hand carved kitchen utensils emerges. And, of course, there’s always an acoustic guitar in the works, as well!

Artist’s Statement:
In crafting my line of acoustic guitars, an important consideration is FEEL. How does the neck feel to the fretting hand? Does the body nestle comfortably under your arm? The same with the design of my wooden kitchen utensils. Is the spoon comfortable to the hand in any position? Does it encourage your hand to dance as you simmer and stir the expression of love that comes from the soul of your kitchen?
So, by the peaceful waters of our little pond in the mountains, I search out the beautiful heart of the trees. I then carve, sand, oil and polish it so that the beauty that exists can be seen by the eye and felt by the hand and heart.

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