Peg Scully

Peg Scully received her B.A. from Montclair State University and her M. Ed. from the University of Cincinnati. She had a 30 year career both as a teacher in the regular classroom, as a teacher of the deaf and hard-of-hearing, and as a classroom sign language interpreter.

As a student at the Ridgewood, N.J. Association (now Ridgewood Art Institute), Peg learned the fundamentals of oil painting taught by Arthur Maynard whose painterly approach to realism and interest in the effects of light on landscape and figure, continues to influence her work. When Peg moved permanently to New England, she began to attend painting workshops, where Tony Van Hasselt and Judi Wagner exposed her to the joys and challenges of plein air painting in watercolor. She was also able to travel and paint; Ann Fisk’s Traveling Paintbrush excursions to Europe remain some of her happiest memories.

Peg taught workshops and classes in the Mount Washington Valley area and had a gallery in her Freedom home for 20 years. A painting group was formed in the 90’s and local friends and painters including Willey Fromm, Marge Kendrick, Paula Kuehn, Wes Warren, and later Terri Brooks, Pat Goodwin and Nancy Marsden among others, met weekly to paint and critique each other’s work. This way, the artists were motivated to produce landscapes and still-lifes as well as figure paintings and portraits of friends, relatives and neighbors who consented to pose for them (they received a model’s fee!).
Over the years, I have had occasion to paint with some of these folks and take lessons…a very sobering experience, let me tell you!!! Anyone that can paint a full-size sheet with watercolor has my undying admiration. Peg is one of them.

As part of the ArtWorks community of artists, I have had ample opportunity to study other artists’ works and try to learn from them. Whenever possible, I take a class to further my own artistic talents. Not every artist can teach; it’s another talent unto itself. Peg can do both—paint and teach. She has helped me through tough spots as a fellow artist and a dear friend, not to overlook her sense of humor and spontaneous enthusiasm. It shows in her work.

Peg Scully—Gifted Artist & Teacher by Andrea Kennett
A Signature Member of the New England Watercolor Society since 2008, Peg is also a member of the Mount Washington Valley Arts Association. She shows her work at the Freedom Gallery, the Freedom Village Store, and at ArtWorks Gallery in Chocorua, NH.

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