Martha Spaulding

Martha Spaulding started exploring the art world later in life and
tried several different mediums before discovering mosaics. It was
love at first try and she has not looked back. She spent most of her
adult life in Colorado and now resides in New Hampshire. Her
work is often based on nature which comes from her love of the
outdoors. She also appreciates the many beautiful colors and
patterns that are more traditional to the southwest and
incorporates this into her work as well.

Artist’s statement: I mostly work with stained glass and glass tiles in my mosaics,
which is a departure from the more traditionally used ceramic
tiles. I hand cut and shape all of the pieces, consequently helping to
keep bandaid companies in business. I love the beautiful array of
colors and patterns found in glass and am like a kid in a candy
store when I do my purchasing. I hope that my creations provide
as much enjoyment to those who buy them as I experience while
creating them.

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