Robin Cornwell

Robin Cornwell is a printmaker and fabric artist specializing in hand-quilted wall hangings, known as Art Quilts. Her imagery is drawn from the wonderful patterns, symmetry, forms and color she experiences in her gardens and in the woods around her home here in beautiful New Hampshire. More inspiration is drawn from the coastline of New England and Nova Scotia. She has been creating and selling her work since her jewelry-making days in high school!

Block printing, stenciling and screen printing are her favorite methods of image making.  Certain live leaves can also be used for printing, collections are always in hand from walks in the fall! Hand dyed fabrics are her canvas, the rich, bright hues melding and contrasting with the bold images of the prints.

 An art quilt project may start as multiple prints on cloth and then slowly grow to a finished work. Or it may be built up of multiple layers of prints, carefully organized to give a feeling of depth.  She uses the hand quilting stitches to outline and build texture to the whole piece.

Robin is recently retired from teaching art at the local middle school. In her 38 years of teaching, she would make sample projects and often work alongside her students in the classroom. Many of the projects she taught became personal works that she continued at home. A thread through all of her creations is that love of color and design.

Robin continues to draw inspiration from the natural setting around her home in Wolfeboro. She exhibits often in the lakes region area and sells her wares from her studio at home,  Art Works in Chocorua,  and local craft fairs.

She can be contacted for more information at

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