Cam Sinclair

Cam Sinclair, of Plymouth, NH, is a self-taught artist, specializing in landscape paintings. His love of the rural New England landscape is evident in his work. He strives to capture the different moods and lighting of the ever-changing mountains, fields, streams and lakes. He primarily works in oils and oil pastels and has won “Best in Show” at numerous art shows across New England.

Cam was born in Shanghai, China and grew up in Mumbai, India. He graduated from Springfield College with his B.S.and M.Ed in Psychology. He retired in 2006 after a 35-year career in NH public education as a guidance counselor, wrestling and soccer coach.

Artist Statement:

Shadows and light inspire me. I always get an emotional rush when viewing the changing landscape. That is what I try to capture in my work.

At present I am experimenting with different paint mediums to see how they affect my work. I am gravitating to a medium that gives more movement to my oil paintings.


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