Carol Emery Phenix

Carol Emery Phenix is a landscape, figure and portrait painter, but from earliest youth her primary artistic interest has been the illustration of imaginative fiction. She has illustrated covers for YA fiction, been published in two HarperCollins JRR Tolkien tribute books and several derivative works including the 1998 Tolkien Calendar. She generally works in oil, but recently has “branched off” into explorations of the natural beauty which surrounds us, and experimented with different media in her depictions of trees and wildlife.  Carol has a BFA in Illustration from the New Hampshire Institute of Art in Manchester.  She lives in Chocorua, within sight of the mountain and earshot of the loons.

Artist Statement:

As a landscape painter, the places and scenes I paint are the ones that have acquired the warmth of familiarity, even relationship. The land’s contours are changeless, inviting tireless contemplation; even so, the changeability of the northern New England landscape, through the hours of the day and the months of the year, assures a varied wardrobe of color and light with which to clothe its features. These are the vicissitudes of a friendship, and life.

Though the successful completion of an oil landscape is of course immensely satisfying, my greatest delight comes on those occasions when a painting completely resonates with a viewer, perhaps one who also has a relationship with a Place.


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