About Us

Our Mission

The Chocorua Creative Arts Center is a pending non-profit organization dedicated to enriching and educating our community through the arts. Our mission is to provide space and opportunities to local artists and the public so they can share their knowledge, show their work, and inspire others through educational workshops designed to embrace art in all of its forms.

Our Center is made up of five key components.

1. Our Gallery space (Art Works) showcases the talents of our membership by displaying their work and offering it for sale. We represent professional artists as well as aspiring artist from our community. As a result our showroom is an inspiration and a joy for all who come to visit.

2. We offer classes and workshops in all artistic disciplines and medias. Our goal is to offer to the community an opportunity to experience an array of art forms that they may be familiar with or may have always wanted to try. We all learn from one another and this is what brings a community together.

3. We hang a variety of shows throughout the year. Our group got started by setting up a show at the local farmers market each Sat. We still do this as well as offering demonstrations of different art processes. We host group shows, theme shows, solo shows as well as openings for our musical, performing and writing workshops. Our goal is to have a variety of things going on throughout the year to provide the community with inspiration, education and entertainment.

4. We offer an open studio space to local artists. Not all artists want to take a group class or don’t have space at home in order to create their art. This space provides the community with an affordable, artistic environment that welcomes them to come experience new art forms, collaborate, and create.

5. Art is alive. It makes us all grow in some way or another. It can also be found in all sorts of spaces. Here at the center we have a garden space that serves several purposes. It provides nourishment for our bodies, our minds, and our souls. We grow produce to eat, plant interesting specimens to draw, paint, and sculpt, as well as growing natural dyes, fibers, and herbs for teas. Nature is one of the biggest inspirations for artists, and we hope our garden can supply this in spades.

Our History

Art Works started in 2010 at the Tamworth Farmers Market as a group of 8 artists and has grown incredibly with the help and support of our artists and community. Our name is derived from our location in the beautiful village of Chocorua, formerly known as Tamworth Iron Works, hence “Art Works.”

Our name says it all, our mission is To Make Art Work For Everyone, the makers and the enjoyers. We function with a non-profit mentality offering a venue for local artists to display and sell their work while striving to keep overhead low and quality high. We are all volunteers working together “to bring art to the masses”.

Our showroom started as a 10×10 foot tent set up on Sat mornings on a 12 pitch slope making leveling and securing a harrowing experience. Despite this, it was soon obvious that we had a good thing going and the search for a display space with walls that didn’ ‘t blow over in the Autumn breeze was soon underway. We have landed in the most gorgeous location in an antique farmhouse with views of Mount Chocorua and lots of natural light flowing through the windows enhancing the artwork displayed within.

Our gallery hosts Fine Artists and Crafters from the surrounding area. It is amazing how much local talent there is in our little corner of the world. The showroom consists of large artwork to hang over your mantle to tiny tokens great for saying “Thank you” or “Just because”. We have amazingly colored blown glass, heirloom furniture, wearables and jewelry, unique art cards, pottery, sculpture, and much more. We hope you will come visit and enjoy the many works we have on offer.

We are open year round, weekends only in the Winter and 7 days a week in the Summer. We are always willing to try and accommodate if you need a gift and we are not open, call and we will arrange a meeting. We offer gift certificates and will set up gift registries. Both excellent options to help ensure the perfect gift.

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